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Why would someone choose a serviced apartment over a hotel?

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Mrs Silveira - I worked from the apartment which had a very successful fast internet connection.
Mrs Wright - A resounding YES from me as to whether I would book your apartments again!
Miss De Vos - We had a great stay and will recommend your apartments to my employer’s travel.

Why would someone choose a serviced apartment over a hotel?

Space - Serviced apartments tend to offer much more space than hotels – guests can spread out and take advantage of the ‘zoned areas’ or separate rooms with defined spaces to work, cook, relax and sleep. This is especially appreciated in longer stays.

Cost-effective - The average daily rate per room tends to be more cost effective than with hotels, especially for longer stays. With welcome hampers on arrival as well as the availability of shopping services available from many operators, guests can benefit from the staffed support, yet also save money that would have been spent on mini-bars and room-service. Also a cost-saving: serviced apartments normally offer free Wi-Fi unlike some hotels. Self-contained and private - By their very nature, serviced apartments offer a self-contained environment which is safe and secure – there are typically less communal areas than in hotels. They also offer guests privacy - they can relax in their own private space, with more freedom and convenience than a standard hotel room.

Last Updated: Thursday, 25th June 2020

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