Stay Safe With Us – learn about our extensive Covid-19 protocols & Covid-safe accreditation. Read more... Learn about our extensive Covid-19 protocols - read more
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What safety accreditations does Flying Butler have in place?

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What safety accreditations does Flying Butler have in place?

External accreditations awarded

Our guests can book and stay with confidence. With extensive measures and protocols in place to provide a safe environment for our staff and guests, we have been awarded with the following accreditations:

ISAAP, the leading provider of accreditation for the global serviced accommodation sector, has developed a world-renowned suite of accreditation options and, from June 2020, a higher level of ISAAP Compliance Accreditation was made available which confirms operators satisfy recommended standards of enhanced sanitisation and hygiene in response to the threat of a pandemic virus, such as Covid-19. The enhanced ISAAP Compliance met by Flying Butler Apartment verifies Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) standards are met.   

This certification confirms: we have been rigorously assessed by ISAAP to verify that we meet the required service, quality and comfort standard and that the guest experience is maximised; we are marketing our properties in line with the guest experience; we adhere to industry best practice

An independently audited scheme confirmed our business operates safely and demonstrates the standards of Environmental Health Professionals.

Internal protocols

Our Stay Safe With Us programme offers an elevation of cleanliness and hospitality behavioural standards in order to provide all our guests with an assurance of safety and security during their stay. We are closely monitoring and following advice and guidance from the UK Government, health authorities and the World Health Organisation.

  • To view our current Covid-19 policy please click here.
  • Please see our most recent Stay Safe With Us guide here.
  • For those guests quarantining who have requested the care package instead of the weekly housekeeping, please find this procedure attached here.

Last Updated: Thursday, 16th June 2022

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